Brymo Shares Inspiration Behind The Lyrics Of “Esprit De Corps” Off His “Yellow” Album

Bellz May 12, 2020
Updated 2020/05/12 at 12:13 AM

Sensational singer, Brymo has shared the inspiration behind the lyrics for his track “Esprit de Corps.”

The singer took to his Twitter page to share how he got the lyrics for the track which is one of the tracks from his newly released album “Yellow“. According to him, the lyrics were inspired by a student’s poem and that the student contacted him to protest over a gig that was canceled.
He further revealed that he saw the lyrics on the student’s Whatsapp status after which he asked for permission to use the lyrics in his Esprit Corps track. He wrote: “Snitches got pitches, bitches got the stitches to tell-bitches got itches, snitches got the stitches to tell..verses were inspired by a poem by a student who once contacted me to protest a cancelled gig..saw it on his WhatsApp and asked if I could write a verse of it.he accepted.”

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