Chioma Delivers A Bouncing Baby Boy As Stated On Twitter.

Hypeman Kelvin
Hypeman Kelvin October 22, 2019
Updated 2019/10/22 at 6:26 PM

On  Sunday afternoon Davido released a picture on Twitter showing him and his little son. He was dressed in hospital attire stating that he just came out of the pregnancy or delivery ward where he was. To proof further Davido released a tweet stating that he was in the delivery room he said: “I’m at the delivery room now” this may state that Chioma must had given birth. Gender has been speculated, as well stating male as far as I’ve heard on Twitter and name of child too hasn’t been aired or speculation too hasn’t been made but for now he is currently referred to as young Mr. OBO. Many of his friends or fellow musicians have also spoken on this like Whizkid so far so good it’s a happy and great News joyous one indeed all my best wishes and love goes to Davido.

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