“God Promised That He Would Promote Me From Generation To Generation” – Fuji Star, Obesere Reveals

Bellz March 10, 2020
Updated 2020/03/10 at 6:58 AM

Nigerian sensational fuji star, Abass Akande popularly known as Obesere has revealed that his current fame is merely a manifestation of what God has told him in the past.

The music star whose 18-year old track “Egungun Be Careful” resurfaced on social media after the Okada ban in Lagos State has revealed that he is unfazed by his current fame.
In a recent interview, the fuji star explained that his current fame comes as no surprise as God had revealed to him in the past that he will be promoted from generation to generation. He also mentioned a few of his songs like “Omo Rapala” and “Asakasa” which are still making waves in the industry. Obesere further revealed that he would be releasing the remix to “Egungun” Be careful very soon and assured fans to expect the best.
In his words:

Firstly, I thank God. Being able to be relevant over a long period is what professionalism is about. There is something we call ‘playback’ in the music industry?—?that is a song that has a long lifespan and is still relevant years after its release. Any song that doesn’t have ‘playback’ is not good.”
“In my song, Overthrow, I sang that I, Omo rapala, had taken over. That record is still being played and other albums such as Mr Teacher, OBTK, Asakasa are still relevant. Many of my albums are like that. It’s just that Egungun Be Careful is the most trending at the moment. It is God that made it so and He told me that He would promote me from generation to generation. It is a big plus for me and I appreciate everybody associating themselves with me”
“I would soon release a remix of that song (Egungun Be Careful). You know it was the restriction of motorbikes and tricycles by the Lagos State government that led to its resurgence of the song. The song was basically used to tell motorcyclists to be careful on the expressway.”

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