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Self image is the personal view or mental picture that we have of ourselves. This is simply how we see ourselves in our own eyes.
Self image is a product of learning, early childhood influences such as parents, caregivers and environment, have a major influence on our self image.
Self image is the mirror reflecting back to us an image of ourselves which affect us and the results we get in our lives.
Having a positive self image will definitely increase our chances of success in life, so here are the simple steps on how to develop real positive self image.


Jim Rohn said “Our lives are mostly affected by the way we think things are, not the way they are”.
We most times think we are not good enough, we cannot achieve our goals, and we justify such negative thoughts in our minds, which becomes our reality.
As you think so you become. The more you have negative thoughts in your mind, the more that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, but can you imagine the kind of results you’ll have if you simply think in a positive way.
Start by depositing positive thoughts in your mind, you’ll be surprised at the level of positive self image you’ll attain.
Think you can make it, and you will make it. Think you can achieve and you’ll achieve. Just “Act as though your abilities are limitless”_ Dan Pan.
Stop criticizing yourself but appreciate yourself daily for a real positive self image.
See yourself in a positive way and you’ll succeed most of the time.

How To Get Whatever You Want

Most average people always think about what others will think of them.
They might say something like this if I mess up they’ll laugh at me so I rather not try but stay put in where I am and on top of that justify your thinking that you’re OK when you’re not..
How you see yourself is more important than the way world sees you. Don’t allow public opinion affect you or stop you from achieving your dreams. Just forget the rest and be the best.
Do what you choose to do, treat yourself the way you wanna be treated and see yourself as the person you wanna be.


“Progress drives confidence.”_ Emmanuel A. E.

Why most people lack real positive self image is because they haven’t taken action on the positive things they believe about themselves.
Look at this typical example:
Harmony is 21 years old and she’s afraid of talking in front of the crowd because when she was 8 years old and she gave a bad speech in her primary school and her friends laughed at her.
Since that happened she has rejected all opportunities to talk in front of the crowd till now.
She has a very important presentation to make tomorrow and the fear in her mind tells her all the negative things that could happen and why she can’t do it, but despite all the negative self talk she just chooses to give it a try and guess what, her results was outstanding.
Back to you,Remember this, your mind only suggest things to you based your past experience and conventional wisdom which are most times false.
You don’t have to believe whatever your mind tells you and the only way to face the fear is to go ahead and do something though you don’t feel like it but after preparation.
You sometimes will definitely suck at it for the first time, but the point is to do it again, again and again, and your real positive self image will rise until you choose you stop it.

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