How To Get Whatever You Want

Bellz November 4, 2019
Updated 2019/11/04 at 12:47 PM


We all have something we want, this may be a car, clothe, money, a good relationship or house, but sometimes what we want seems to be beyond our reach and we can’t figure out how to get it. So today I want to show you 3 ways you can get whatever you want in Life. Okay let’s start.


Remember back then when you were a child, how frequent do you ask. Maybe as many times as possible, but as we grow older we tend not to ask. We feel we can get it on our own, we’ve got a big ego and some pride so we rather get things done ourselves than ask. But in life we can’t always get everything we want except by asking, so we all need to develop the attitude of asking. Receiving is the result of asking. I mean you can ask anything from anybody even yourself. Now how is it possible to ask something from yourself, this is how; let’s say you want to buy a car that’s worth $20000 and you earn $5000 a month you can ask yourself to keep $2000 every month so that in the next 10 months you could buy the car, so simple. So start asking from today.

I know most of you would be like ‘should we just ask ask and ask…, we aren’t beggars. Now what separates you from the beggar is the way you ask. To ask intelligently you have to;
a. Know what you want: Be specific with what you want to ask for. Don’t just ask for something when you don’t really know what you want.
b. Work before asking: If you need $2000 to buy a new suit, what comes to your mind first will be to ask someone to give you the $2000, but that’s not the best way to ask. Work first and make $1000 then ask someone to give you $1000 to complete the money. You see most people will help you quickly because you’ve done your own part.
Ask and expect to receive. Think like a child; a child will ask and expect to receive instantly and if they don’t receive they just keep asking. You should do same when life doesn’t give you what you’re asking for then keep asking till you get it. Always be expectant. #BeYourRealSelf
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