Sponsored Post: Get Paid When You Post Good Content, Like Posts and Comment On “SWIRGE”

Bellz November 22, 2019
Updated 2019/11/22 at 11:49 AM

Swirge.com offers you a chance to earn from shared posts, playing games and just generally staying active on the platform.

You can earn digital tokens on Swirge.com by sharing your posts, depending on the likes you receive. You may get a portion of the “rewards pool” playing games, just being active earns you reward from the daily reward pool.
Swirge.com is powered by Swirge Blockchain and Swirge cryptocurrency called OKU, which stores the content in an immutable blockchain ledger, and rewards users for their contributions with digital tokens called OKU.
It doesn’t cost anything to use Swirge.com. It is free to post, comment, and vote on contents on Swirge.com. You might even get paid for it! Swirge is completely secure and decentralized you own your content, your account, and privacy.
Register now and earn free at Swirge.com

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