Woman Crush Wednesday; Simi, The Voice in Your Head

John Gaius
John Gaius May 4, 2022
Updated 2022/05/04 at 6:08 PM

There is a way I’ve felt and I think you probably have too. Times I felt lost and probably wanted to ask the question, “can you see me?”
Music always had an answer generally, playing up in my ear, confusing those negative vibes. This voice in particular always was just mood lifter.
Feeling super heavy inside? This voice just sends shocks down your spine and lifts your spirit totally. So, super powered voices existed?
Sweet, piercing and appealing. Voice that can hit every part of your soul, maybe super powered voices really existed.
I heard alot of people talk about Angelic voices but I don’t think we know how lucky we are and we probably don’t know it but we have an Angel in our midst.
Angels don’t just hit Earth any day, this Angel blessed us with her presence on the 19th of April, 1988. They named her Simisola Bolatito Kosoko. She always did answer the question, “can you? Simi?” She always just did mind blowing things with that voice.
Simi is the voice in your head, the voice you even think in, greatness to the very letter.
What else can we say? Thank you Simi, for lifting us with your music, beauty and grace.
You are our WCW and we appreciate you

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